New fashion platform


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A new concept for fashion Consulting, Shopping and Sharing!

The concept of Backstyle is based on the idea that as the backstage is “the heart” of the Fashion Show, the wardrobe is “the heart” of people Style.

As the Author of the business idea says, „After years hearing my friends and my clients to complain about their wardrobe, about space and how to combine pieces and style, to go with them to buy new stuff, organizing brand collections in showrooms, styling different types of characters for advertising, publish videos, photo shootings, etc., I could realize how important the wardrobe is for people and how difficult is to keep that “perfect for them”, every single day. That means, with the necessary stuff, quiet organized, easy to find and combine pieces and decide “What I’m going to dress today? How express myself?”

After Alexs Varjao moved to Berlin, in January of 2013, he started to work, making inquiries, prototypes and tests on the right solution to solve this problem of our nowadays society. During one year we went through a design process and brought up to light a creative and innovative product, simple to understand, human-centered and profitable. The idea is making the Fashion only a vehicle to enable and improve habits and behaviors, making the people more economical, creative, reflective and responsible.

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